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Did you know that,cloud based ERP is cost-effective thatn traditional ones, when comparing the Total Cost of Ownership-TCO of the cloud versus on-premise systems, it may initially appear that on-premise solutions provide a more cost-effective solution. For example, the start-up costs, on average, for software licenses is about 9% of the total IT expense as opposed to the initial subscription fee of cloud computing which can be 68% of the total IT expense. However, looking at all of the costs associated with each system shows there is more than meets the eye. Source:http://www.crabtreecpa.com/wordpress/


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Reduced Initial Implementation And Support Cost - Rather than being purchased, cloud-based ERP implementations are paid for through a subscription model, which includes not just the software but also the hosting and support costs. Thus, the initial capital expenditure required for implementation is significantly lower than for traditional systems, and operating costs can often be lower as well.Source:http://www.crabtreecpa.com/wordpress/

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High Data Security Standards and Secure Failsafe Location - To place sensitive data in a third party’s data center requires a good measure of trust. Most cloud-based, accounting solution providers have strong security measures in place that go well beyond what the average company is capable of or can afford to implement.Fourty- four percent of companies in the United States moved to the cloud for better security.Source:http://www.crabtreecpa.com/wordpress/

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Improves Business Performance – It gives an organization the scope to respond to changing business conditions and helps a finance team to generate 46 real-time financial reports and dashboards while allowing a shift of focus to more strategic initiatives.Source:http://www.crabtreecpa.com/wordpress/

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24/7 Access For Control and Collaboration - With an increasingly mobile workforce and customer base, the CFO and other business leaders need to access data from anywhere, at anytime on a range of hand-held devices.Source:http://www.crabtreecpa.com/wordpress/

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