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Did you know that, in the United States alone, 58% of Americans perform online research about the products and services that they are considering purchasing,this is an opportunity for you,next time your customers could be searching for your products on your company website.Source:HelpScout.net

Internet access has become the right to every citizen, and available almost everywhere,and according to www.ipsos.com, 83% of global Internet users believe affordable access to the Internet should be a basic human right. Botswana has a population of about 2 million people with at least 15 thousand people using Internet and with penetration of 15%.If your company or organisation is not online now, then you are getting into a trap of loosing customers.

AfroAgileSoft specialises in websites that are compliant to your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone because these are complicated gadgets that your customers use to access the Internet.

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Did you know continues....

Wifi Activation - Internet wi-fi spots will become the street lights of every neighbourhood.BOFINET will install wifi service to all shopping complex in Botswana by the end of 2016,from Gaborone, Maung, Francistown up to your home village.

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Smart Phone Penetration - And smart phones will become common and bought like sweets in the streets. By 2014, the lowest selling price of a smart phone was R450 in South Africa and in Botswana the selling price was P350.

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Best Friend of Man - Like dogs, smart phones will become the best friend of man.44% of cell phone owners sleep with their phones next to their beds,83% of those people between ages of 18 and 29 say their smart phone plays and integral role in their lives.

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Internet Web Traffic - 17.4 percent of all global web traffic came through mobile devices and this number will continue to grow in 2014.Again 80% of internet users are using only their mobile phone to access the Internet.

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Online Mobile Shopping - Nearly 50% of 25-to-34-years-olds use their smartphones to shop online while standing in the line at a store

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Mobile Website vs Mobile App - 67% of mobile users said they would be more likely to make a purchase from a mobile website than from a mobile app.

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Before you get robbed for knowing the truth , dont ask if your website is Mobile Friendly or Not Mobile Friendly, just see for yourself .When your mobile website is mobile friendly or mobile compliant, content must stack on each other, readable from top to bottom, else call 911.-Batsile Chibane, Business System Support Engineer, AfroAgileSoft.

With the above mentioned FACTS put on your table,would you still want to be offline Get a fair Mobile Website Qoutation Now